Onean Carver X Electric Twin Jet Surfboard

Wow! They’ve done it! The Carver X! Onean have thrown an extra jet motor into a beefed-up version of the Carver to give it a whole lot more power – up to 10kW! And this beast flies!  We’ve clocked it at nearly 40kph with a 130kg rider!  That’s incredible!

The Carver X has a dual jet propulsion system which offers up to 10Kw of power.  These twin jets provide greater speed and less effort to reach planing, in addition to increasing the maximum speed.

To achieve that power, two interchangeable batteries power the turbines of the Carver X. These batteries are exactly the same as the ones for the Carver and Manta, so that one battery can be used for any Onean product.

The Carver X’s battery life is 20 minutes at maximum power and about 40 minutes when riding at mixed speeds.

The Carver X does not replace the current Carver. The Carver X is aimed at riders over 85kg, where the Carver is perfectly suitable for those under 85kg.

And still weighing around 20kg (plus two 12.5kg batteries), the Carver X is easy to store, transport, carry and launch at your nearest lake, river or beach.

This one has to be tried to be believed!  It is an amazing beast!